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This will be the official space for resources shared by the experts, which includes documents, videos, multimedia, links and other information useful for researchers.

In today's age of the Internet, all academic/research resources that you might need will be online somewhere. It's just a matter of finding the useful/reliable resources out of the many you come across. We have done that work for you and share below only the best resources for various topics you might need help with.


[DISCLAIMER: All the uploaded files have been accessed through Google, and we have no rights over the content. This is entirely for an academic purpose, and serves no commercial or financial interests]

Research Resources


Research Methods course- UG/PG

Research Methods in Psychology; Project based

This covers the Research project/dissertation/thesis at undergraduate and post graduate levels in Psychology. This page has resources to help you figure out quantitative research and complete your projects


Topic specific resources

Original content by the Research Navigator 

Check out articles and resources on various aspects of the research process compiled by The Research Navigator. It covers research design, data analysis and statistics, writing and publication, etc. 

Text Books/ Course Books


Research Methods textbooks

Download course textbooks relevant for your Research methods course at UG/PG levels. The resources also include text materials relevant to completing your research projects/dissertations


Statistics/ Quantitative Data

Find resources to help with your data analysis for your research projects. Refer to guides, walkthrough, demos related to statistical analysis of your quantitative data

Topic specific Resources


APA Resources

Resources related to stylistics and formatting according to the APA 7th edition (American Psychological Association). Many resources are relevant for other formatting styles like Vancouver, MLA, Oxford, etc. 

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Experimental Psychology tools

Resources related to building and conducting experiments in Cognitive psychology to collect  behavioral data for your research projects. 

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