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APA Resources


APA (7th edition) Manual

Full publication manual  by the American Psychological Association, with 700 plus pages. [pdf version for download]

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Quick Guide for Referencing style

Referencing guide by the University of Waikato for APA (6th Edition). Examples and rules regarding publishing your reference list [pdf version for download]

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APA Citation Style Guidelines

Detailed guidelines for in text citations and referece list according to APA (6th edition) and published by the NAIT library at [pdf version for download]


APA stylistics- Main points

Check out this presentation file for APA stylistics and guidelines, which has summary of most important areas you need to cover while formatting your documents to APA.


Full style Guidelines- Main points

Check out this compilation of the main points to consider while formatting your papers to APA. This was given by the writing lab at Montana State University, Billings

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Short Reference Guide

This guide by Saint Mary's College of California Library, outlines the most important points in referencing/citing in APA 7th edition. Also provides useful examples


Full detailed guidelines- by SIT

This detailed manual by Southern Institute of Technology covers all possible aspects of your papers in terms of APA 7th edition; useful for people learning APA for the first time

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Templates for papers

Check out these example or template papers given by Templates given in MS Word files for Professional Quantitative paper, Qualitative paper, Mixed Method paper and Literature Review paper

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