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Services Offered

We offer consultation and guidance on different parts of your research projects. This support is more focused towards the methodology behind your research topic and its logic, and less to do with discipline specific content. Hence, the consultation can be useful for students and researchers across disciplines.

First consultation with an expert is absolutely FREE. It will allow us to assess your support needs and set up a consultation plan as you progress with your research. Further consultation can be set up on hourly or project basis, and starts at INR 500 an hour (in person/ video conference meetings). Active hands-on support with content (Data computation/analysis, proofreading/editing, etc.) cost higher than personal meeting/discussion. 

Up to 3 sessions absolutely FREE for students from CHRIST (Deemed to be) University, India

We offer consultation on the following areas:

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Scientific/ Academic Writing

  1. General rules of academic/scientific writing of various types, including Research articles, Research dissertations or thesis, Research proposals, Reports, Curriculum

  2. Distribution of research content into logical chapters with appropriate guidelines for chapter writing (Introduction, Review of Literature, Methods, Results, Discussion, Bibliography).


Working with Research Data

  1. Computation, tabulation and representation of Quantitative data using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) and Microsoft Excel

  2. Analysis of Quantitative data based, primarily inferential statistics; both parametric and non-parametric tests

  3. Representation of final analysis into relevant tables and figures (Formulation of Results chapter)


Research Logic (Methods Chapter)

  1. Formulation of research objectives and hypotheses based on overall aim

  2. Development of relevant research tools (includes rating scales, questionnaires, interview/ observation schedules)

  3. Finalization of questionnaire booklets for administration, which includes specific informed consent forms, socio demographic forms, screening forms, etc.

  4. Design of a relevant sampling frame (Decisions on inclusion/exclusion criteria, sampling type)


Manuscript Finishing & Perfection

  1. Editing and proofreading of completed manuscripts to ensure integrity of content and logical flow of ideas.

  2. Development of manuscripts for publication according to guidelines given by journals and publishing bodies (guidelines specific to headings, formatting, etc.)

  3. Formatting of manuscripts based on predefined stylistics (APA, MLA, etc.), for fonts and spacing, headings, citations, page layouts, headers and footers, tables and figures, etc.

  4. Plagiarism check and subsequent reformulation of parts of manuscripts to ensure originality of content.

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Research Software

  1. Proficiency in data collection tools like Google Forms, RedCap, Qualtrics, etc.

  2. Proficiency in statistical software like SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences), R, and MS Excel for quantitative data (NVivo for Qualitative data)

  3. Development of experimental trials or tasks (mostly for Psychology) for research using PEBL 2.0 (Psychology Experiment Building Language), E-Prime, Psych Lab 101, z-Tree, etc.

  4. Use of advanced functions of Microsoft Office suite for research purposes, particularly MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint.

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