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UG/PG Research

Research Guidelines/Ethics


APA Code of Ethics [Official]

The official APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (Effective since January 1, 2017); available at [pdf]


ICMR Ethical Guidelines [Official]

National Ethical guidelines for Biomedical and Health Research involving Human Participants; given by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) /sites /default/files/guidelines/ICMR_Ethical_Guidelines_2017.pdf [pdf]

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DSM (5th edition) [Official]

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th edition) by the American Psychiatric Association; available at [pdf]


ICD-10 (WHO) [Official]

International Statistical Classification of Diseases & Health Related Problems (2nd edition) by the World Health Organization (WHO); available at [pdf]

Formulating Research Topic


Current Research topics

Check out some of these current or relevant research areas; Link 1 (APA), Link 2 (EduStore), Link 3 (VeryWellMind), Link 4 (APS). Also, download this book chapter on selecting research topics.


Coming up with a Research topic

Check out this list of interesting research topics found on Google, which could be useful for students to jumpstart their research topic selection process [pdf]


Creating the Problem Statement

Most important points in creating a Problem Statement for your research topics; given by Dr. Marilyn K. Simon [pdf]


How to write a Research Problem statement

A short but useful guide to coming up with Research problem statements given by [pdf]


What is a Problem Statement?

Editorial on research problem statement given by Hernon and Schwartz; and published in Library and Information Science Research (29-2007) [pdf]

Review of Literature


Literature review & Focusing your research [Book chapter]

This Book chapter by Sage Publications covers the entire Literature review process in depth, with lots of useful examples and illustrations; more suited for social sciences. It is a good starting point for students writing ROLs for the first time [pdf]

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A Brief Guide to Writing a Review of Literauture

This short guide to ROL writing by University of Toronto provides useful guidelines to writing your Review of Literature chapter; including two neat lists on Questions to ask about your ROL and Questions to ask about the resources you are reviewing[pdf]

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Writing a Literature Review in Psychology

This resource material from the University of Washington Writing Center covers range a of areas in ROL writing, right from what it is, how to go about finding articles, and also how to read them and compile the final review.  [pdf]


Flowchart for writing the Review of Literature

This short, illustrative guide by  the Writing Resource Center, CSU Bakersfield covers the process of writing a literature review, details of formatting and organization of content in ROL, and provides two examples of a thematic review of literature [pdf]

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Writing a Literature Review (Review articles)

This short document by Western Sydney University introduces the purpose and process of writing standalone Literature reviews or Review articles. It has a useful table that helps to understand the difference between Literature reviews and normal college essays. [pdf]

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Sample of Literature Review chapter

This document by Key et al. (2010) is a good sample for Review of Literature chapters in research dissertations. Although it covers a pharmaceutical related topic, the authors have provided useful annotations and comments throughout the document. [pdf]

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40 steps to your ROL

This list by an unknown source has summarized useful content from legitimate resources and compiled a step wise process to writing your ROL, covering various nuances, issues, tips and useful links for the various steps. [pdf]

Research Writing

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A Brief Guide to Writing the Psychology Paper

This guide by Harvard College provides useful information on the types of Psychology papers, natures of sources to use, challenges in writing a paper, etc. It provides useful idea about various headings to cover within research articles

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Detailed Guidelines for Research Dissertations

This detailed guide covers everything to know about Research dissertations; chapter organization, headings, writing style, structure and formatting, etc. The whole resource has been formatted according to APA as well and can be used as a template.

Summary of Points on Research


Brief on the Scientific Method

This guide by VeryWellMind describes the scientific process most often used in Psychology research; it can be found at (by Kendra Cherry)


Important concepts in Psychology research

These class notes by Remika Sirikulthada outlines the most important concepts in Psychology research. Based on the CAIE Psychology A level course, these notes are useful for undergraduate students starting out with research


Basic concepts in Psychology research (book chapter)

This book chapter covers the introduction to Psychology research, and outlines the most important concepts related to the scientific research process

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