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Research Internship/ Paid Work/ Peer Support

We are looking for student interns to take on consultancy work at The Research Navigator. This includes data analysis and scientific writing projects, data collection, development of research resources and online management.


Learn about research by working on live projects and earn some money,; Online work with flexible hours (few hours every week) [Up to Rs 500 per hour]


Details of active projects are given on this page. Click on any of the entries to get full details of the project task. The nature of projects is provided in the name itself, especially type of work, remuneration, word count, etc. To view the projects, you require passwords which you will receive only after registering with TRN as an expert. Check out the guidelines for registered experts on the right (or bottom) menu. The link for the resources page has also been provided.


SW001: Scientific Writing: Research poster on 'Psychology & Environment'

1000 words, Rs. 2000; Deadline: 24th June, 2022

Final product in academic poster (pdf, jpeg), subject to Turnitin check

SW002: Scientific Writing: Editing a social science research thesis chapter

7000 words, Rs. 3k-4k; Deadline: July 2022

Meant for submission, not publication; fixing of plagiarism, English language, logic.

QL001: Qualitative Research: Support with data analysis & results

Active support, Rs. 4k-5k; Deadline: August, 2022

Support with themnatic analysis of transcripts & generation of themes for actual data.


DM001: Social science survey on Polysubstance use

Rs 50 per survey; Status: Ongoing (till end of 2022)

Questionnaire survey (online /offline) that takes 30 minutes to complete


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Please carefully read all guidelines before starting with any project assignment

Research Resources

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Check out these useful resources to help you complete the project assignments

MA001: Converting research dissertation to manuscript (Field-MBA)

5000 words; No immediate deadline

Need help in editing and writing manuscript based on completed study & dissertation

MA002: Revising manuscript to journal format (Field- Social science)

3000 words; Deadline: July 2022

Dormant mid quality OR manuscript; minor revision needed for local journal

MA003: Co-author/investigator for Review/commentary paper (General)

4000 words; No immediate deadline

A ready paper requires significant rewriting for a journal; back to the drawing board

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