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About TRN

Welcome to  The Research Navigator. We provide expert consultancy and support for different parts of academic and organization research projects. It includes expert support right from setting up your research study, collecting and analyzing data, manuscript writing, and publication. Besides research methods, content related consultation is also provided for research areas in Social Sciences & Humanities, Commerce & Management, Languages, Medicine, etc.


In unfamiliar waters? Get our help

-> Are you having difficulty with your research project?

-> Not sure about what to write where?

-> Clueless about the chapter organization or distribution of headings?

-> Terrified about quantitative data collection?

-> Absolutely dumbfounded about writing manuscripts or publishing your articles in journals?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then the Research Navigator is for you


Featured Posts (November, 2022)

Class Workshop


Workshop on 'Academic Writing using MS Word'

Call for Participants


Participate in this PhD research study by Mr. Prakat Karki on 'Polysubstance use & its risk factors" by filling an online survey

Research Resources


Check out our database on resources covering everything on Research, including books, articles, pdfs/ppts, multimedia, links, software, etc.


Prakat Karki            

Primary Resource Person

Hi there. Welcome to my personal project; The Research Navigator. It started out as a tutoring gig back in 2016 to make some extra income while working as a Research Assistant. Over the years, I got the chance to interact with mostly student researchers from many disciplines and help them with their research dissertations. It gave me a chance to learn as well, and I started this site to formally extend this engagement, and also have a space to share research resources and interact with the scientific community. 

Do you have only minor doubts/issues related to your research and want a quick resolve?
Post the doubts/issues/questions you have in the box below, and get answers by experts within 24 hours!!

We will get back to you soon!

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