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Research Internship opportunity

We are looking for student interns to take on data analysis and scientific writing projects, and also develop content and manage social media handles


Learn about research by working on live projects and earn some money,; Online work with flexible hours (few hours every week) [Up to Rs 500 per hour]


We are recruiting students (pursuing Masters or recently completed) with diverse set of skills to take over some of the consultancy work at The Research Navigator.


We receive requests for consultation and support for two major areas of academic research projects; 1. Quantitative data analysis and, 2. Scientific writing (editing, proofreading, formatting). We are looking for individuals with proficiency (or aptitude) in both, and are willing to learn new things. With expert supervision along the way, you can broaden your research/writing skills by taking on live projects (online work, flexible hours) and also earn a good side income. Some projects might offer authorship claim as well. 

Secondly, we are also looking for student interns to develop research resources on this website (at ), and take responsibility of online handles and advertising/promotion of The Research Navigator. This requires technical skills and aptitude/openness towards learning new software, platforms, etc. The reimbursement prospects for this work is less than the first one; however, for the right skills set, we are willing to pay to work with you. You will get direct credits for all content worked with. 


1. Quantitative Data Analysis & Statistics


Work on real and live academic research projects and provide technical support in coding data, computing data sets, statistical tests on software, reporting of results in appropriate formats, and generation of tables and figures.

Skill areas: Inferential & descriptive statistics, Statistical software (SPSS, Jamovi, MS Excel), MS Word formatting skills

Nature of work: Freelance (Few hours a week or as per new projects); Project based, Direct consultation fees (up to Rs. 500 per hour).

2. Scientific Writing

download (2).jpg

Support ongoing research writing projects (dissertations, reports, manuscripts) by editing and proofreading for basic English language usage and grammar; and technical requirements of scientific/research writing (APA/MLA formatting, References & Bibliography).

Skill areas: MS Word formatting skills, Proficiency on range of formatting/reference styles, Prolific English language usage

Nature of work: Freelance (Few hours a week or as per new projects); Project based, Direct consultation fees (up to Rs. 500 per hour/page); scope for authorship

3. Research content Development


We have started a 'Learning Resources' page for everything related to research at We are looking for contributions in terms of searching and identifying more relevant resources to host, and also coming up with original content for the website.

Skill areas: Expertise at navigating the internet, Knowledge about Databases & search engines, Skills in building websites, hosting online content

Nature of work: Negotiation based; looking for long term involvement from students to grow TRN as their own; Some stipend possible, credits on the website

4. Digital Promotion & Marketing


TRN is still in its infancy. We have our handle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; however, we have not started engaging with the online community, and have not put out ads or promotions yet. We want to start that soon and are looking for individuals who can take care of this aspect. 

Skill areas: SEO skills, Expertise at navigating the internet, Experience in online paid ads, Skills in building websites, hosting online content

Nature of work: Negotiation based; looking for long term involvement from students to grow TRN as their own; Cuts on new clients, credits on the website.

Quick Links

Meet the Experts


Check out the profiles of the experts providing services on The Research Navigator

Research Resources


Check out these useful resources to help you complete your UG/PG/PhD research dissertations


  • This is a Learning + Earning type of setup (50-50%). The learning part is equally important.

  • You can apply for roles 1,2,3 or 4. Preference is given to individuals with diverse skills and can handle more than one role.

  • All work and correspondence is completely online. You will never have to physically show up anywhere for the above mentioned work.

  • TRN is not a registered business; this can be best described as tutoring or peer support. Hence, this might not fulfill criteria for internships as part of your college courses.

  • Roles 1 and 2 are in higher demand; it has greater payout too. Only 10% of total consultation fee taken by TRN as processing fee, 20% if significant supervision is also required to complete project tasks (i.e. learning how to do it while doing it). TRN charges roughly Rs. 300 to Rs.800 per hour/page for consultation to the clients. 

  • Roles 3 and 4 are related to long term vision of TRN. We want individuals who are willing to share the same vision of TRN and stick around for a while. 

  • You will be 'recruited' as an Expert for any of the four roles you take. This entails having an 'Expert profile' on the website which can give you good web visibility and space to put up your skills. You can be a 'member' at TRN with very little involvement too and only take up projects that fit your skills.

  • We value and encourage creativity, novelty, ingenuity and brilliance in the areas above.

To apply, send a mail to, with a short 100 word writeup about your preference of the roles and expression of interest. In this short writeup, describe your skills/competencies in the three areas; 1. Quantitative data analysis/statistics, 2. Scientific/ Research writing, and 3. Technical knowledge (apps, platforms, internet, etc.)

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