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UG/PG Research

Research Guidelines/Ethics


APA Code of Ethics [Official]

The official APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (Effective since January 1, 2017); available at [pdf]


ICMR Ethical Guidelines [Official]

National Ethical guidelines for Biomedical and Health Research involving Human Participants; given by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) /sites /default/files/guidelines/ICMR_Ethical_Guidelines_2017.pdf [pdf]

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DSM (5th edition) [Official]

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th edition) by the American Psychiatric Association; available at [pdf]


ICD-10 (WHO) [Official]

International Statistical Classification of Diseases & Health Related Problems (2nd edition) by the World Health Organization (WHO); available at [pdf]

Formulating Research Topic


Current Research topics

Check out some of these current or relevant research areas; Link 1 (APA), Link 2 (EduStore), Link 3 (VeryWellMind), Link 4 (APS). Also, download this book chapter on selecting research topics.


Coming up with a Research topic

Check out this list of interesting research topics found on Google, which could be useful for students to jumpstart their research topic selection process [pdf]


Creating the Problem Statement

Most important points in creating a Problem Statement for your research topics; given by Dr. Marilyn K. Simon [pdf]


How to write a Research Problem statement

A short but useful guide to coming up with Research problem statements given by [pdf]


What is a Problem Statement?

Editorial on research problem statement given by Hernon and Schwartz; and published in Library and Information Science Research (29-2007) [pdf]

Review of Literature


Literature review & Focusing your research [Book chapter]

This Book chapter by Sage Publications covers the entire Literature review process in depth, with lots of useful examples and illustrations; more suited for social sciences. It is a good starting point for students writing ROLs for the first time [pdf]

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A Brief Guide to Writing a Review of Literauture

This short guide to ROL writing by University of Toronto provides useful guidelines to writing your Review of Literature chapter; including two neat lists on Questions to ask about your ROL and Questions to ask about the resources you are reviewing[pdf]

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Writing a Literature Review in Psychology

This resource material from the University of Washington Writing Center covers range a of areas in ROL writing, right from what it is, how to go about finding articles, and also how to read them and compile the final review.  [pdf]


Flowchart for writing the Review of Literature

This short, illustrative guide by  the Writing Resource Center, CSU Bakersfield covers the process of writing a literature review, details of formatting and organization of content in ROL, and provides two examples of a thematic review of literature [pdf]

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Writing a Literature Review (Review articles)

This short document by Western Sydney University introduces the purpose and process of writing standalone Literature reviews or Review articles. It has a useful table that helps to understand the difference between Literature reviews and normal college essays. [pdf]

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Sample of Literature Review chapter

This document by Key et al. (2010) is a good sample for Review of Literature chapters in research dissertations. Although it covers a pharmaceutical related topic, the authors have provided useful annotations and comments throughout the document. [pdf]

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40 steps to your ROL

This list by an unknown source has summarized useful content from legitimate resources and compiled a step wise process to writing your ROL, covering various nuances, issues, tips and useful links for the various steps. [pdf]

Research Writing

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A Brief Guide to Writing the Psychology Paper

This guide by Harvard College provides useful information on the types of Psychology papers, natures of sources to use, challenges in writing a paper, etc. It provides useful idea about various headings to cover within research articles

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Detailed Guidelines for Research Dissertations

This detailed guide covers everything to know about Research dissertations; chapter organization, headings, writing style, structure and formatting, etc. The whole resource has been formatted according to APA as well and can be used as a template.

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